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loves his family more than anything. When he is not spending time with us, you can find him working on or towards a real estate project/investment, adjusting his line up for fantasy football, or planning our next trip.


is me! Trying to always find the balance between wife, mother and her own person! Loves cupcakes, delicious beverages, date night, family night and alone time. Can never get enough sleep or Disney trips. 


is usually found climbing the walls and door frames in our house. He LOVES football, basketball, american ninja warrior, playing with his friends and legos. He is smart, handsome and an all around goofball. 


has more personality in her 4 year old body than she knows what do with. She loves princess', Minnie Mouse, makeup and all things girl but can play superhero with the best of them.


is ONE and has stolen all of our hearts. She is such a love. She loves playing with her siblings, eating and being right in the middle of all the action.

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