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Baby Swaddle with Matching Bow

These swaddle blankets are my new favorite and I am so sad I didn't have them for my first 2 babies. They are soo soft and really stretchy. They perfect blanket for a swaddle. Harper LOVES it and has slept with it everynight since she arrived home from the hospital. It washes really well AND I got a matching robe. The have tons of great patters and colors. 

Our Favorite Diaper Bag - 5 Color Options

Harper has only been here since the end of August but I am already IN LOVE with this new diaper bag. I wish I had a back pack diaper bag for all of my babies. It is so nice to just throw this on and have both hands to wrangle 3 kids. Jason tells me I am rocking the mom look when I have this bag on, pushing the stroller with a SWIG drink in the cup holder. 

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Kit

These are my new favorite thing! My kids LOVE to color and draw. My 3 year old has also decided that another thing she loves to do it color all over the walls. These makers are AMAZING. they only color on special paper, which  means no more art work on my walls! These make my kids and this mama both happy!

Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

LOVE THIS CLOCK!!! My 2 older kids were coming into my room at all hours of the night. And nobody was getting any sleep.  This clock tells them when it is okay to come out of their room by a green light turning on. It has been great!

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

May 28, 2023

When we moved my 2 older kids downstairs I knew we had to get a baby monitor that had sound, video and could be connected to more than one camera. I am SOOO pleased with this one so far. I have no complaints about the picture quality, even at night plus it allows me to talk to my kids through the monitor. GENIUS! My one complaint is the battery life, but we keep ours plugged in most of the time so it hasn't been a real issue. BONUS** you can add up to four cameras!

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